Many employers will cut their workforce and non-essential spending over the coming months. IT businesses are now seeing the importance behind the simplicity of a cloud-based HA/DR deployment investment. Protecting your business data is now more important than ever and doing it the right way will be at the forefront of every business manager/IT managers mind.
What's the simplest way to provide a tightened integrated combination of high availability clustering, continuous application monitoring, data replication, and configurable recovery policies for a Linux environment?
It’s good to consider the maximum acceptable time to recovery or how long a business can go without accessing its systems. What is the cost of downtime (lost revenue, reduced productivity etc) compared with the cost of the Cloud-based HA/DR solution?
Imagine having a system that is continually operating without interruption for long periods, no downtime; a system that never fails. We can measure that as 100% - perfection!
IT upgrades are an essential part of a growing company, especially during this Covid-19 Pandemic. It is important to ensure that IT upgrades are not botched or done inaccurately, but what happens when they go wrong? In this blog, we explore some such examples. Along with upgrading IT, it is important to think about the availability of these systems and the protection of business-critical data.
Shared-nothing Cluster is a distributed computing architecture in which a single node completes each update request. These clusters do not share access to disks of servers. However, they maintain separate copies of crucial data from time-to-time. Typically these clusters contain read-only data which can be stored locally on both systems.
Humans have thrived and have become technology-driven majorly in the past few years. Everything is now available at our finger-tips. With just one click, a lot of manual work gets accomplished in fractions of seconds. But, no matter how much we have advanced, the spread of Epidemics and Pandemics influence living beings adversely.
The servers connected to a Geo-Cluster act as a single system. These servers are located separately but belong to the same cluster. They provide load balancing and high availability (HA) despite not being located in the same geographical area.
As per an IBM survey, many companies are adopting multi cloud strategies. Know why companies are adopting multi cloud practices these days.