Have an application that is not cluster aware? We have the solution…

The Story

Over the years we have implemented many installations within every business sector and the most common question we get asked is “can it protect …?”. While many of the mainstream applications have their own dedicated protection built into the SPS application, there were limitations when it came to bespoke applications that were not cluster aware. 

This is where the Open Minds Generic Kit comes into play, the kit was created to be able to protect any service or application on both Linux and Windows operating systems.

How does it work?

In much the same fashion as other protected applications you can work through a wizard and turn any application or service into a high avaliability deployment without any modifications to the application or service.

Why would i want or need it?

If you have a business critical application being used, then it goes without saying that should that application should stop working, then the business will also stop working costing you time and money. Protecting such an application for high availability and or disaster recovery will help protect your business from such outages. 

What do i need?

At a minimum you will need 2 servers with matching operating systems and storage configurations, once this is in place we can then assist you in the configuration of your high available cluster. We can even assist you in utilizing your current configuration to help reduce your set up costs. 

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