SANLESS clustering for the Windows environment.

What is DataKeeper?

DataKeeper is high availability tool that enables the use of the local storage within a server, this allows for a cheaper alternative to a traditional cluster that is based upon SAN technologies, while still offering the same level of 99.999% of up time. 

Who is it for?

Any application or service that requires high availability can benefit from the DataKeeper application, from building management systems to websites DataKeeper has been implemented to protect them all.

How does it work?

There are two different versions of the DataKeeper application, Standard and Cluster Edition. The standard edition can be used as a stand alone application to replicate your data to a disaster recover node for manual recovery, whereas the cluster edition plugs into Windows Server Failover Clustering, where your local disks will be presented as a clustered disk allowing you to protect any supported application or service.

Key Features

Platform agnostic

Be it Physical, Virtual, or Cloud based, DataKeeper supports it all.

Operating System

DataKeeper can run on Windows Server 2008 R2 onwards

Hybrid configurations

The solution supports hybrid solutions, so if you have a requirement for a cloud based DR node, you can configure the replication accordingly.

Synchronous and asynchronous replication

You have the ability to use synchronous replication for low latency nodes, and Asynchronous replication for Disaster Recovery nodes.

Multiple node support

Want a 3 node cluster to protect against disasters? The solution enables you to have multi node clusters with individual replication configurations for each node.

Multiple storage device supported

You can use local disks and NAS/ SAN devices, as long as the operating system can see the disk and its in a supported format we can replicate it.

Take it for a spin…

Why not try DataKeeper Cluster Edition for a 7 day test drive, you will need 2 servers (Physical/ Virtual/ Cloud) with Windows Server with Failover Clustering Installed and configured. We are able to assist you in this process and show you the benefits of DataKeeper replication.