Require Application Protection?
Then CLUSTER your way…

What is SIOS Protection Suite?

SIOS Protection Suite (SPS) is a clustering utility that enables high availability of applications and resources.

Who is it for?

SPS can be use by anyone and anywhere that there are business critical applications in use, a high availability solution will help reduce downtime, thus increasing productivity and cost savings. The solution therefore is applicable to many different users and applications, it is currently used in a wide range of sectors: Government, Financial, Military, Health Care, Manufacturing, Distribution and many more.  

How does it work?

The application monitors the health of the configured resources, for example if a service is running and responsive, should the solution identify any issues with the resource then it will perform a failover to the secondary server. The failover process takes very little time, and before long the application will be back up and running allowing the end users to resume their work.

Key Features

Platform agnostic

The solution is supported on Physical, Virtual and Cloud platforms.

Operating System

SPS is available for both Windows and Linux operating systems. 

Hybrid configurations

Have pre-existing onsite hardware? You can create hybrid configurations and take advantage of the benefits that cloud hosting provides. 


There are a number of “ARKs” that protect the mainstream applications in use. These ARKs do a deeper check of the application to ensure it is in good health.

Storage Hardware

You have the ability to use local server storage, NAS and SAN devices to protect your application.


You have the ability to use synchronous replication for low latency connections, and Asynchronous replication for Disaster Recovery nodes.

Want to try it on for size?

We offer a 7 day trial to allow you to see how we can fit into your solution, all that is required is 2 servers, be it physical, virtual or cloud based, and a supported OS installation. We can assist you and demonstrate the abilities of the solution in protecting your applications.