Would you drive your car without breakdown cover?

Have you ever been on a journey that has got delayed or canceled due to some unforeseen circumstance? Ever wondered how it was resolved? what caused the issue? Now apply the same philosophy to your business, your customers, and your staff. With our product support you have access to a Global team of support operatives, developers, testers, and a knowledge base over varying sectors, platforms, and software technologies.

Whats included?

Keeping an active support contract comes with many great benefits:

  • 24/7 2 hour SLA for production down issues
  • 24/5 for non critical issues
  • Access to major software updates
  • The ability to migrate your licenses to new hardware
  • Access to the SIOS license and support portals

Contact Us


+44 (0)121 569 2502


Professional Services


We are able to carry out an installation and configuration with you for your solution, be it on site or carried out remotely. We will ensure that everything is up and running perfectly before confirming that the jobis complete.


Have a need for your staff to be trained on our software? We are able to offer training sessions to suite your needs. With our demo labs we enable hands on training, or work with you to set up a training environment where we can offer training sessions remotely.

Health Check

Some of our customers like to have annual checkups to ensure that the solution is up to date and configured optimally. We will review your cluster to ensure that it has the latest release of our software, and inspect the configuration to enable peak performance and reliability.