Cloud-based services are growing at an unbelievably rapid pace. This has resulted in a huge competition between the Cloud Service providers. A huge number of businesses are opting for Cloud-based services as it can bring great benefits to the company.

Today, more and more organisations are choosing mix and match cloud solutions, instead of choosing between multiple technologies and vendors. This helps them in taking advantage of the features of both the cloud solutions. Making use of more than one cloud service in this way is called Multi Cloud, which is not to be confused with Hybrid Cloud. Hybrid Cloud makes use of both public as well as private clouds in a business which is not the case with Multi Cloud.

multi cloud

According to a survey from IBM,  85% of the organisations are making use of multiple clouds in their business. This has resulted in highly increased growth in the use of multiple clouds for businesses. However, this just includes the clouds that the IT executives are aware of. Shadow IT and Cloud Services which are used without official authorisation is a huge concern. Technically, this means that the actual number of clouds used in the business might just be higher than the reports given by the IT department.

IBM has forecasted that the number of companies using multiple clouds will grow to 98% in the next three years. However, there are only 41% of businesses who have an active multi-cloud strategy. This means that they are managing multiple clouds as and when the services are added on. This can give rise to cloud sprawl for the departments, where quick and unchecked cloud adoption can cause major issues with security and compliance.

Further, IBM’s survey showed that half of the organisations operating in a formal multi-cloud environment had established a formal multi-cloud architecture. This will enable more unified management of all the cloud services.

Though multi-cloud management is not very common, it is a very beneficial practice. However, the unlimited choice and flexibility which comes along with the cloud deployments for the organisation are proving particularly beneficial for Digital Transformation efforts.

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