We are living in an age where Digitalisation is at its peak and is growing rapidly. Each and every business, regardless of the industry, have either adopted or is planning to adopt Digitalisation. The requirements of the organisations differ from one another, as per their nature of business and the industry that they belong to. This has brought about a huge uplift in the requirement of an agency to build software and systems for Digitalisation according to the company requirements.

While doing this, the firm needs to make sure that they meet the requirements of their clients. They should be able to cater to all their needs and help them take their company online without any hassle and in the safest way possible. However, in some cases, the systems which the companies create for their clients do not work as expected which results in great losses both financially and/or physically. There have been a lot of these cases in the past.


One such recent case is from Manchester, United Kingdom. A lawyer has claimed that the police department of Greater Manchester has been facing issues in bringing charges against suspects. This is considered to have happened as a result of a processing backlog which happened after a botched IT upgrade.

The outsourcing company had delivered the Integrated Operational Policing System (iOPS) around one and a half year behind schedule. The cost of iOPS was a whopping £27 million. The software was installed in July 2019 and is considered to be faulty. It has left many cases with information, which is insufficient to bring the suspects to the trail. There have also been claims that the officers and the general public are also being put at risk due to the backlog.

This system was made as a part of a larger Digital Transformation project which was designed so as to facilitate a single, integrated platform for all the communications. Public contact, emergency response and investigations were supposed to happen using this system. However, it has failed to work properly since the very beginning.

More Botched IT systems

A young offender was charged for assaulting a police officer and also for possessing a knife appeared in front of Manchester Youth Court, his case was however adjourned, as the prosecution didn’t possess the information required to proceed with the case. The police couldn’t upload the details onto the iPOS to pass on that information to the lawyers  This is clearly showing that this system puts officers as well as the public’s lives at risk. 

There have been a lot of such incidents in the past from the same outsourcing IT company. The National Audit Office (NAO), in May 2018, heavily criticised the company regarding a deal carried out in 2015. The deal was then carried out to transform the back-office services for the NHS. Even the Army found similar issues when they approached the same company to reform its recruitment process. It cost them an astounding £1.36 billion for the software which was supposed to be a part of its Digital Transformation Project. But, it failed miserably and resulted in the army failing to meet their recruitment targets for every year since the beginning of the contract.

After all these incidents, it is very clear that there is a serious issue with the software which the company is providing. Had this been a one time issue, it could’ve been called off as a mistake. But, since the same things are being repeated over and over again, things should be reconsidered properly.


IT upgrades are an essential part of a growing company, especially during this Covid-19 Pandemic. It is important to ensure that IT upgrades are not botched or done inaccurately as this could cost a company a great deal. Along with upgrading IT, it is important to think about the availability of these systems and the protection of business-critical data.

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